How to activate facebook data saver, facebook data consumption | avoid reducing data

How to activate facebook data saver, reduce data consumption on facebook android app

Facebook app data saver most of the Facebook users don’t know the option Data saver as a result phone battery drain very fastly. we think many reasons for battery draining fastly, for example, High-Speed Internet Connection, Facebook data consumption or some settings of the phone. Although these are not big issues somehow they affect a phone’s battery life.

Data consumption from a high-speed internet connection or mobile networks effects to a device at any time. While using Facebook checking newsfeed watching, Facebook videos the app takes a lot of data from the Android device as a result battery drain very fastly. So try to avoid such high-quality images and videos while just for checking the Updates.

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facebook data saver notification is not a active unless we activate. We have to find data saver option in facebook app and enable it to save data from facebook.

So now how to solve these issue?? while checking updates on Facebook just put the media into medium quality and enjoy the updates. Wow great! then how to do these? simply activate Facebook data saver in the Facebook app to avoid the effect of data consumption and also it helps to convent facebook use less data. otherwise, Facebook data consumption pulls smartphone battery down.

Simply perform the following steps to avoid facebook data consumption.

How to activate facebook data saver

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How to activate facebook data saver

Activate the Facebook data saver by entering into the Facebook app. Now tap on the more button on right side of the app.

How to activate facebook data saver


Know scroll down to find the option called “Data Saver” this is an option which activates Data Saver Mode.

How to activate facebook data saver


After tapping on data saver now u’ll find an option there called “data saver on”. tap on it and enable data saver mode.

How to activate facebook data saver



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enabling data saver mode in data saver it shows you one more toggle called “Always turn off Data Saver on Wi-Fi”. it enabled by default so when enabled this option turns off data saver whenever you connect to wifi network.

“If you want to keep saving data while on Wi-Fi (i.e., use Data Saver all the time), turn this option off.

How to activate facebook data saver


That’s it finally we have completed the data saver mode enabling process successfully. Obviously,  it is the only way to activate data saver. To reduce data consumption follow these simple steps to save data.


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So time to wrap up the session if you have any doubt regarding this article “How to activate facebook data saver” please free to comment on this article. and for more interesting article follow us.

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