Every hidden feature of WhatsApp that you should know right know

Every hidden feature of WhatsApp that you should know right know  

Whatsapp Recognised that it’s world’s best messaging app for Android till know. Although, There isn’t much we can really say about WhatsApp that you don’t know already. The topmost messaging app in google play store and app store, Now the actual hidden features of WhatsApp brings you to use the messenger more likely.

The WhatsApp features list may have to long but the actual important features are like WhatsApp unsend, WhatsApp message recall, WhatsApp feature, apps, New WhatsApp feature, WhatsApp rumor, and more. These related features are not directly seen but they are act different form, Those options are visible while you are using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp updates they app in time so very few errors are found in an app. Meanwhile, New WhatsApp features are more interesting than the previous version. Now you can have more features before you never. So let’s find out the “tips and tricks of WhatsApp” OR “hidden features of Whatsapp”

whatsapp open source alternative available.

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hidden feature of WhatsApp

1.Find out Who read your message in a group chat?

whatsapp messages are safe or not?

every time we have doubt that “whatsapp messages are safehidden feature of WhatsApp or not” that someone read my conversion how to find him?  if you have these doubt we here are the solution for it. you can easily find out the person who see your message when you put into the group.

you can find out by long-press the message you sent and then tap the Information button on Android. And For iOS, you have to swipe it from left to right and you will see who read the message and at what time.

2. whatsapp blue tick hide
hidden feature of WhatsApp

This feature has both negative and positive way thing because many of us don’t have time to sit and chat with our friends or family members. when u’ll open a new message the ticks in the friends’ phone shown in blue color this indicates a message as seen. but unfortunately, Sometimes we are not able to give a reply but it shows avoiding a particle person. So there is a chance of misunderstanding each other. Better you can Whatsapp blue tick hide that feature go to Settings/ Account/ Privacy/ Read Receipts and then uncheck them.

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3.whatsapp group chat mute

hidden feature of WhatsApp

When you are meeting or sleeping group chats may disturb you even your not in that conversation. u’ll receive tons of messages from friends or family members by alerting or vibrations these may irritating every time. So to whatsapp group chat mute go to the Menu in the group chat and select Mute. Meanwhile, if you’re an iPhone user, you can find the option in the Group Info menu.

4. You can Have chats on the home screenhidden feature of WhatsApp

This feature is especially for Whatsapp android users. Basically, you can create a screenshot of entire conversation you have more often if you want to access them quickly. long press a chat and then select Add Chat Shortcut. After creating this it looks like new app icon being created, with the picture and the name as icon and title.

5.Clean your devicehidden feature of WhatsApp

The article is about making that Every hidden feature of WhatsApp that you should know right know right! Here is the most important and interesting hidden feature of WhatsApp. For every android user face problem with low space or disk full issues. Do you know WhatsApp takes large space in the storage for conversation media and etc files?   So you better to delete unwanted stuff in the storage Go to Settings/ Data and Storage Usage/ Storage Usage. You can delete from here videos, pictures, documents, voice messages, contacts or locations.

Time to wrap up the session, I hope hidden feature of  WhatsApp article may have helped you to find out in your mobile.


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