How fake whatsapp gets million downloads

How fake WhatsApp gets million downloads

Here is the biggest doubt?? How people are downloaded fake WhatsApp app without checking the application. thousands of people downloaded the fake WhatsApp app, as a result, the fake what’s app reached 1 million downloads. fake  What’s app went to million’s club. But finally, it has removed from the google play store.

How to find original and fake Whatsapp app?

Before knowing the differences let’s discuss how  Redditors found fake Whatsapp in play store. There is no big difference in original and fake what’s app, only small code is added to the apk. So the entire fake WhatsApp converted into real one. The redditors took action on a fake whats app and removed from the play store.

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There are more thousand’s of apps in googlr play store. We have to sure while we downloading the applications. The imporatnt points to remember while downloading you should aware of the company name. warsup sometimes update automatically so that it makes changes in the applications. warsup is the only app which gets free service for the world. So there is high demand for theses app.

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Images which shows what’s app difference from fake what’s app and real what’s app!!

They did this by using that exact name, though replacing the space with a special character that looks like space. The subtle difference would have been practically undetectable to the average user.

Real Whatsapp 

Fake Whatsapp 

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The developers have removed the fake what’s app from the googlr store. So the said “users who download the free app once cross check the application while updating or downloading. To preventing this isuues google play store should take action for not entering the fake apps in to the googlr paly store.


So download the apps from google play store once you have checked the app completely.

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