How to activate hidden dark mode on youtube for first time

YouTube is the top video sharing website in the world. It founded 12 years back on Feb 14, 2005, with limited options but after getting the success, it was developed and added fantastic features. Worldwide it has popularity but few countries youtube has been BANNED. The youtube banned countries are China, Iran, and North Korea. Although, The Youtube has many features if we want to discuss but The point is youtube launches the new hidden dark night mode. The only condition is it works only on the new version of Google chrome. So in this article will find “how to activate hidden dark mode on youtube”.

Youtube Worldwide

The youtube has over billions of users worldwide. one-third of the internet users use youtube regularly. Youtube launches various version around 88 countries. The recent reports half of the views come from mobile devices. We can navigate the youtube in 76 different languages. Youtube pays 2 billion to the content creators who chosen the monetization introduced in 2007.


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How to activate hidden dark mode on youtube


The first step is to make sure you have a version of google chrome installed in your computer.

Download New Google chrome Here for the computer.

How to activate hidden dark mode on youtube

Download Chrome for Mobile Here.

How to activate hidden dark mode on youtube

Now to go chrome developer.


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For windows users simply press shift + control + I in Good chrome. And The  Mac users should press Option + Cmd + I right to the chrome automatically it will open.

How to activate hidden dark mode on youtube

After the opening chrome developer simply goes to the Console Tab. In console just paste this code.

How to activate hidden dark mode on youtube


Now press enter to complete the process. Close the developer window and refresh the page.

How to activate hidden dark mode on youtube

That’s it the process is complete, you have activated the hidden dark mode of youtube. Sometimes it won’t show any differences the reasons is Dark mode is off. if you have the same issue just go to the main settings in the top right and turn on the “Dark mode on”


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