How to delete sent Whatsapp messages in one minute

How to delete sent whatsapp messages, Recently whatsapp has announced the new feature which is most of the users are waiting!! So here the features are about to delete the messages which went accidentally or sent to a wrong person. Once the message was sent we can’t remove from the conversation these are the most frustrating thing for the user. a few years back whatsapp introduced new interesting features in whatsapp and also have so many hidden features. Although, Whatsapp officially declared that the feature regarding deleting option for sent whatsapp messages. So in this article, I am going to explain about How to delete sent Whatsapp messages in one minute.

How to delete sent Whatsapp messages in one minute

Delete sent messages in whatsapp, The basic requirement for this feature is to both sender and recipient should update whatsapp to latest version. This is the basic and important thing to remember otherwise, messages won’t erase even it show canceled. it clearly shows that in the beta option will not work properly, and when it arrives then our contacts updates the app for deletion app for work.

How to delete sent whatsapp messages

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How much time limit to delete the sent messages in whatsapp

In the official announcement, whatsapp includes time to delete the sent message is seven minutes.The user can delete a message before 7 minutes he sent to the other person. After completing seven minutes we can’t delete the sent message.

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How to delete old messages in whatsapp.

If you want to delete old messages in whatsapp we should update our whatsapp to the latest version so that we can delete our old messages.  Whatsapp should be updated in devices which wants to delete the messages. For example, If the person wants to delete a message which has sent in a group the members in the should be updated with the beta version.

In case all the devices are having an updated versions of whatsapp here is the process to delete messages

  • open the conversation to delete the message which you want in whatsapp
  • press on the messages or message which you want to delete until delete option appears on top
  • Just click on the “DELETE”

But the problem is if you delete the messages from the conversation the second person gets to know by seeing “message is deleted”. He can find out something is deleted in conversation.

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App availability

Right Now this option is available in whatsapp latest version in IOS, Android, and Windows phones, and also available for the web version of the application.

So finally I hope you got to know How to delete sent Whatsapp messages in one minute!! We would like to hear from you also what do think about this feature and any changes can we expect from it. Please comment in the below box and if you like this article share it with our friends.

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