How to fax through gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone

How to fax through gmail, Smartphone, Computer and I phone.

technology has made life better. Most of the features were outdated and new technology innovations are taking place. Things are changed, so there is a big development in every aspect. Faxes are used for sending the information from one place to another place. Using fax machine information have been sent. But after updating the technology and a wide use of an internet, fax machine remains useless. Sometimes ill feel that are faxes still used? fax through Gmail is the new way of this generation.

Because without any hardware information have been sent using Emails or text messages. it’s easy and very fast results! Previously we had fax machines to send information but now things are changed. We have no of options to send the information like fax from Smartphone, fax from email and fax from computer etc..

fax without fax machine, we can send fax to the person using these options. So in this article, we are going to explain how to How to send fax from Gmail, Smartphone, Computer and I phone So continue reading…


How to send fax from Gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone


How to fax through gmail

Most of us don’t know that fax without fax machine is email account!! Sending fax through internet is helps you to get to the point information. So we can send fax from Gmail without asking doubts like “Can I fax from Gmail”. Here is the process for sending fax from Gmail account.

1.Sign in to your Gmail account, Now click on the drop-down menu and select the “DRIVE”.

2.upload documents which you want to fax and upload it to the drive. or if want wants to create new document you can create by clicking on Create.

3.Save the document to the google drive, what use known as a Google Document. Now if you want to check the file can view instead of downloading the file. Once Document is loaded, Click on the “Add to drive” button top right portion on the page. Make sure your document is completely ready and saved because once it’s finished they are sent to be set up Hello Fax.

4. Go to the Sign into the google or else you can create account on and you can link account to Google.

5. Now download the HelloFax Google Chrome applicationIf you’re using different browser you should download Google Chromeonce application is installed allow HelloFax to access to your Google Drive.


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How to Fax Document using Hellofax applications.

1.command your application to send a fax or request a signature.How to send fax from Gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone


2.Now select the file which you want to fax from your Gmail account Drive.How to send fax from Gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone


3.Edit your document before you send it if you choose. If you want full functionality you should scan signature to your HelloFax account. This will let you add your signature digitally before sending the fax.

How to send fax from Gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone


4. Now place the details of the person whom you want to send the fax. Give his details like Fax number, Email address and etc.How to send fax from Gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone

5. Finally, click on the send button to fax through gmailHow to send fax from Gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone


  • HelloFax offers 50 free pages of faxes before charging for their service. You will need to enter your credit card details on your HelloFax account to send faxes at this point.


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How to send Fax from Smartphone

There are tons of apps available for Android and Ios. So you can send a fax from a phone. Here are some applications which you can sfax through gmail and  android phone or fax from iPhone.

Send a Fax from Android



3.Tiny Fax

4.Genius Fax



Send a Fax from IOS

1.Fax Burner

2.FAX from iPhone



5.MaxEmail Fax

 How to send Fax from Computer & PC

There are number ways to send fax online. And also it’s not an easy job to send fax from computer. You have to follow some steps to send fax from PC. Before entering the process make sure everything is working fine.

How to send fax in Windows 7

1.Connect an active phone line to your PC’s phone jack input port and Open the Start menu and type in Windows Fax and Scan then press Enter.

2.Click on New Fax. You should see a blank fax pop up on your screen. Fill in the contact field with your recipient’s fax number and further details.

3.Type your complete fax information into the new open window. You can also attach documents to this message just like you would attach documents to an email in above.

4.Once your fax is complete, click on ‘Send’

How to Send Fax in Mac OS X

1.Choose File Print, Click Fax PDF from the PDF pop-up menu and then choose your fax machine from the Printer pop-up menu. If, at this point, you see an error message saying “No Fax Modems Were Found”, then you have incorrectly connected your fax modem or are using an unsupported fax modem. For troubleshooting tips on setting up a fax machine with Mac OS X.

2.After effectively setting up your fax device and establishing the Fax PDF tool, kind your recipient’s fax number into the To subject. You also can copy and paste a number into the sphere out of your Address Book.

3.Some phone systems require you to dial a prefix in order to contact an outside line. If necessary, type that prefix into the Dialing Prefix box (if unsure, just leave it blank). Click Use Cover Page if you want to create and attach a cover page to your fax.

4.Click Use Cover Page if you need to create and fix a cowl page in your fax. Change fax options below the Print Options pop-up menu if important. Those alternatives include your modem’s conduct, dialing patterns, and communications options.

5.Click Fax to send your fax. It will be sent out as soon as your modem is available.


And you can try various types, Be Sending fax through without using the fax machine.


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So here is the detailed explanation of “How to send fax from Gmail,Smartphone,Computer and I phone”

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