how to operate a computer with your smartphone with chrome remote desktop

Hi!! Technology has been developed a lot. We all are lucky to have tons of options in technology. According to the reports, it’s going to increase a lot in the future. So for our next generation, it’s going to experience more advanced technology. Smartphones are now most important devices in our life, everything we are operating from smartphones like emailed. Money transfer, traveling everything was done with Smartphones. Although now it’s time to operate a computer. How ? Don’t worry!! In this article, I’ll show how to operate computer with phone let’s see.

How to operate computer with phone

Sometimes we feel lazy while working on the computer for an hours and hours. So now can operate a computer with your smartphone sleeping on the bed. So Simply follow this steps to operate with tour Smartphone.


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Install Chrome Remote Desktop

Firstly, Install chrome remote desktop extension in the app store. Download here.

After installing it available in chrome app menu you can see it in the first bookmark bar.



When you install the remote desktop for the first time you have to enable remote connection to the computer by installing a short utility. The process is very simple chrome will guide you the very step.


After Installing the Utility chrome tells you to enter the PIN. Set a difficult password which others can’t identify easily. 


That’s it you have been successfully installed as a result you can see the PC’s name in the box.If you have connected both are shown in the chrome remote desktop, For example, see the image given below.



Now you can easily connect your computer to any computer or Smartphone. If you want to use it Make sure chrome desktop remote is switch on you can’t connect directly.


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Install chrome remote Desktop on Smartphone

The first part is completed installing Remote desktop in chrome. Now it’s time install chrome remote desktop app in mobile. For this, you need to go Google play store and install Chrome Remote desktop. Apps available in both Android And IOS.  After installing the app directly it shows the list of computers associated with the remote desktop. Tap on one computer which you want to use.


After selecting the PC it requests you to enter the PIN which you gave in the PC. Enter the PIN don’t forget to select a below-given option because every time doesn’t want to enter the password. So can skip the process using this option. Now you can tap on connect.


Tha’s it you have connected to the Smartphone. Now can operate  Computer with Your Smartphone.


When your finishing sharing or anything else you just tab on to stop sharing so you can disconnect sharing.


So here the complete process for “how to operate a computer with your smartphone”. There are many other tricks to operate PC from Smartphone but this is the simple and easy to handle. So choose this technique to operate PC.


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