How to record your iPhone screen on mac or windows for free

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how to record your iPhone screen for free

Hello, iPhone has unique features. In fact, they are not easily available. For example, we have to create a separate account to get the results. Of course, it’s fully secure. Although recording screen on your phone is easy, you can use third-party plugins we can record our own iPhone screen.Similarly, it applies for iPad video screen capture. Now let’s go and find out how to record your iPhone screen?


How to record your iPhone screen on Mac

Firstly you need few things to record make sure all the requirements before starting this process, for example, I need iPhone app to record screen I’ll install before going to it. Although, If your running 1os 8 or newer and a Mac running Yosemite or newer, Then you can do this in built-in tools and regular lighting to USB cable. It clearly says the iPad and iPhone 4s and older version are not supported.


Now let’s begin with our actual process connect device iPhone or Ipad to Mac. make sure that you’re using the standard USB-to-Lightning cable you can use while connected to iTunes or charging the device.


Log into iTunes and see you are connected to your iTunes. There you can find “Trust This Computer” alert select this option.


 How to record your iphone screen


The recording is one of the features in quick time player, which includes with MacOS. But Apple doesn’t make a version for windows. To record your iPhone’s screen, plug it into your Mac and press Command+Space to open Spotlight search. Now type “QuickTime” and press enter. also, you can find it from Finder > Applications > QuickTime Player.

How to record your iphone screen




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Click File > Now select New Movie Recording to start capturing video.

How to record your iphone screen


Now a window pops up on your screen displaying your Mac webcam screen by default. Now click the arrow next for start recording and select Ipad and iPhone.

You can add another device like a microphone. The advantage with this tool is you can record audio using a microphone while iPhone or iPad video screen capture.

How to record your iphone screen


Now your iPhone screen appears in QuickTime player on your Mac. Click on the record button to start recording. after completing of the video then click on stop recording, and you can click the Play button to play it back.

Note: when you started recording, you can see the time of your video on the screen. so to avoid such things the time on your device will be set to 9:41 am and the name of your cellular carrier will be hidden until you stop recording. How to record your iphone screen


when you happy with your video you can save by going to Click File > Save and choose a file name and location.

How to record your iphone screen


You can share the video which you recorded previously with the help of social sharing buttons in the player. You have one more advantage with this tool you can also do Mac record screen video. While in the beginning  selecting “New Screen Recording” instead of “New Movie Recording.” So you can also do Mac record screen video.


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How to record your iPhone screen or iPad screen on Windows

So now it’s time for Windows PC you record from Windows PC also. But a small issue involves in it. you can’t download directly here we should follow the unofficial method. In this method running AirPlay receiving the software on your PC. Tha advantage of the airplay has doesn’t require to connect any device to your PC it’s totally wireless. Later on, it streams wireless contents of your device’s screen to a window on your PC(just like it would use AirPlay to stream to an Apple TV).

The are no of software methods like X-MirageReflector2, and Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder advertise this feature. But this software is not free. If you want free just combine a free AirPlay receiver program with a free screen capture tool.

LonelyScreen is simple free air receiver you can easily download and install on your PC. After installing the app swipe your iPhone to control the screen Tap on an AirPlay Mirroring and then tap “LonelyScreen” to connect to your PC.

How to record your iphone screen

The contacts of your phone are screen will be displayed in the LonelyScreen window on your PC.

How to record your iphone screen

That’s it your done. Now you can record your screen using desktop recording tool. To start record tap on the start recording and after completing the tap on the stop recording, save the video after complete recording.


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