How to remove duplicate files on any Windows with free duplicate file finder

Duplicate files are dangerous on any type of system. There are several ways generating duplicate files, we should be ready to remove that duplicate file with the help of any duplicate file finder.

These can find our duplicate files easily, not only removing bad stuff files also it cleans the drive and removes junk files on our PC. So it’s better to use duplicate file finder on your PC. We have a lot of software’s which are available online, you can go through top rated one.

Duplicate files are located in different places in your PC. Duplicate file finder can find them easily. Sometimes they can be created in the program files also So be care full while removing the files on the C drive. Let’s find out “How to remove duplicate files on any Windows with free duplicate file finder

How to Find duplicate files

Well, it’s time to find duplicate files which are located different places in our PC. To remove duplicate files we have to use duplicate file finder. Duplicate file finders Softwares are available in free and for effective results premium version are Good. Personally, I’ll recommend going with the premium version, because once you have removed duplicate file there is no chance of getting files back again.

Best duplicate file finder

There are different Softwares which provides you a good service removing duplicate files. Most of the users use Duplicate Cleaner for removing duplicate files.
Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4

Auslogics Duplicate File Finderduplicate file finder

This tool is very easy to use even you are not good at technically operating PCAuslogics Duplicate takes you directly to the actual process and removes duplicate files. This duplicate file finder windows and duplicate file finder mac both can handle the application. It has different convenient features absolutely everyone should appreciate, including a built-in preview pane that permits you to view pictures, pay attention to song files, and preview films so you can see what files you’re deleting.

The Auslogics application doesn’t have additional features to over deal with the complicated issues. Find and removing duplicated files can be done easily if the files are not gone extremely. Coming to the settings of this application default settings offers a simple wizard that will walk you through the process. The application searches for non-system folders on all connected drives by default, but in the sidebar shows all drives you can select any of them. But remember while picking the folder you can select only one folder and as you specified the name in a search bar it can find out the actual duplicate files.

Ok now, you’re Done with searching the duplicate files after finding the files now you can remove duplicate files by clicking on the filter button. You have an option for deleting duplicate files according to file size, Filetype and etc. Now select the file which you want to delete and click on “Delete Selected Files” to remove duplicate files on Windows. The process is very simple and everyone handles easily that’s the reason Auslogics is called one of the best duplicate finder.


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Best duplicate file finder tool for Windowsduplicate file finder

The CCleaner is the best duplicate file finder for Windows. Most interesting thing is it’s a first duplicate file finder on windows. The basic concept of a CCleaner is to remove junk files which means it clears the junk on your drives to run your PC without Troubleshooting.  But it also has a Duplicate file finder.

To use the duplicate file finder click Tools > Duplicate Finder to find this feature. It’s available on all versions of CCleaner, so you don’t need to pay for CCleaner Pro to use it. The settings for a cleaner is little harder and will allow you to search for duplicate files on your C: drive while ignoring system files and hidden files. you have the option to choose a word to find out the duplicate files by clicking on “ADD” button on the Include pane and selecting that folder. While adding files make sure that “Include files and subfolders” option is selected because  CCleaner searches any folders inside the folder you specify, too.

Coming to the interface section this tool is different from the Auslogics. We can’t see the actual files what we have been selected as Auslogics. But it’s a simple interface that allows you to choose which documents you want to delete or even keep the list of duplicate files to a text report. You can right-click a record inside the list and pick out “Open containing folder” if you want to view the record itself for your device.

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Alternative for duplicate file finderduplicate file finder

Finally, here is the advanced duplicate file finder with customized filters. The searchmyfiles have ability find files created, modified, or accessed only between specific dates and times you specify.

Suppose when you opened this software for the first time You’ll see a complex searching seek conversation. You’ll need to select “Duplicates Search” inside the Search Mode container on the pinnacle of the window after which pick folders to look by way of clicking the “Browse” button to the right of Base Folders. for you understand ” You can select C drive to find the duplicate file you can search entire c drive for duplicates.Configure anything different settings you want and click on “Start Search” to search for duplicate files. You’ll see a list of reproduction files arranged into agencies, and you may select which of them you need to put off.

Final word

As we now finding the duplicate files manually is very difficult. With the help of Duplicate file finder, we can remove files easily. But sometimes we can’t get 100% results by using the free tools. make sure that if files are not too worried you can use free tools or else you should use premium version. And also keep it in mind that every tool doesn’t behave same, tools have different ways to find the duplicate files so you should be aware of using a particular tool.






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