How to unsubscribe to email and reduce spam in few minutes

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unsubscribe to email when you opened your email account for important email but inbox is have filled with newsletters and unwanted information emails from subscribed services.

Even if we don’t have interest in the service or an offer the newsletter is sent to our email. To promote a product or a service of the company. Email marketing is one of the important options for promoting the business. So companies prefer to go with email marketing. however,

it is a frustrating thing for a normal person filling inbox with newsletters and all. for a quick solution, Gmail unsubscribe from the mailing list is the right option with help of mass unsubscribe which is to remove our name from the email list. There are also many ways unsubscribe to email so, in this article, we are going to know about how to unsubscribe from emails.

unsubscribe to email

To unsubscribe email from the email list there are few technics to follow.Directly you can unsubscribe from the Gmail account or else you should use some inputs and scripts to unsubscribe to email.

as we discussed here is the first case, Unsubscribe directly from the website by locating the Unsubscribe link follow the instructions which given by the web. after following the instructions you are done with unsubscription to email.unsubscribe to email

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How to Unsubscribe from email list

  • We have options for unsubscribing to email also with Gmail account using the third party services.
  • For example, Log in to a Gmail account then with the help of services we can unsubscribe to email without wasting time by locating. We don’t have to navigate each and every step service itself do all the things.
  • Linkedin has the unsubscribe option button for unsubscribe to email.
    unsubscribe to email


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Unsubscribe to email with

Most of the spam generate in your email account because of unwanted newsletters and spam links in it. here is the It is a free online service and best service. If you have plenty subscriptions from the services, unsubscribing at one time unroll is the best service all of them. To use this service, click on the Get Starter now button and choose the mail provider you use. you can Gmail, Yahoo, outlook or another custom by entering it manually. Next, accept the terms and conditions and click on finish give permission to access your email account.

  • Open the unroll account it will show you in the  Inbox and New tabs a list with the senders that send you newsletters. Now simply click on the cancel button to unsubscribe to email from the email list.
  • when you unsubscribe the services all of them all saved at one place so that you observe them in that tab.

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Unsubscribe to email with Google script

Firstly I thank Amit Agarwal for developing this script, he shared script in the community for using every one free. But using this method is difficult compared with previous methods. here is the script method for Unsubscribe to email.

  • firstly make a copy of document shared by Agarwal. it is the Google spreadsheet that contains the script that will be executed to cancel the subscriptions.
  • Click here to copy the script.

  • After copying the script then click on the Gmail unsubscriber option. Next, click the configuration and accept the permissions so that the script has access to the administration of your mail.
  • Now once completing this process go to your Gmail inbox and create a tag called  Unsubscribe to mark all the messages you want to unsubscribe. after few minutes it will unsubscribe all the services automatically which you marked.
  • Deleted information will be saved in your document in Google Drive so you can review and modify what you need.
  • you can enable if you want the subscription back and you can make modifications on subscriptions.

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So here is the article about how to unsubscribe to email in multiple methods. you know any other methods and you have any doubts regarding about unsubscribe to email from mail list please free to comment in the below section. Also, share the information with your friends for latest updates subscribe to our website like our page on facebook.

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