Leaked samsung s8 released date and first photo

Samsung s8 Probably the most waited for Samsung s8 Android smartphone first look released on the web but it’s official. Samsung galaxy s8 has to release on 29 within the…

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Why Does Windows 64-bit Need Two folders for program files

Have you noticed ?? Why Windows (os) 64-bit maintain two windows folders c drive. If you observeĀ program files Ā ( x86) on your PC, definitely u’ll be using x64 bit. Microsoft…

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How to troubleshoot andriod connectivity

hello, guys !! have you faced wifi connectivity problem with your Android? toady we are going learn about tricks to solve android connectivity. Generally, will troubleshoot PC‘s and laptops because…

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facebook notifications

How to stop facebook notifications to email account

stop facebook notifications to email account Hi there, all! Have you ever annoyed with Facebook notifications to your e-mail account? Are not able to find most important emails?. Today we…

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Top 6 ways to troubleshoot your wifi connectivity

Wifi connectivity blunders aren’t be determined quite simply. If errors are discovered during the troubleshooting, for a typical person it’s complicated to solve the issues. It may be damage to…

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