How protect WordPress tech blog with simple steps

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How to protect WordPress tech blog

Hello all!! If your running WordPress tech blog here is the article for you! As wp blogger user we have to check the WordPress security. nowadays hacking are attacking every site. If you don’t have well-maintained WordPress security blog you are in danger. Any time hackers attack your site. So to keep WordPress security safe you have to follow few steps. In this article, we overcome WordPress security issues list to protect our website.protect WordPress tech blog

Rename default Username

Yes! most of them won’t care about usernames. They simply leave that section but it is the problem. hackers can easily find out default username and try to decode our password. So use a unique password to protect WordPress tech blog.


While Setuping the site we have to create a strong password. for this, we have to think ideas for choosing a password. By completing the list of good passwords. Choose a strong password. It is the first step to protect WordPress tech blog.

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Install verified  themes or plugins

Installing unauthorized or unverified themes you can lose your site. because they have a chance to take your site. always maintain good plugins from verified organizations.  Check the complete details before installing on our WordPress blog

 Remove Links

Remember to remove unwanted links from your website. they are like in the comment section, in your Gmail or any other place. You have to be alert about those links which destroy our website.

Get in Touch with Your hosting provider

Your hosting also helps you to protect WordPress tech blog. You have to get updated with your service provider. take all of the information from them. Change the password within in a limited time. Take best methods in cpanel to protect WordPress tech blog.

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So here are the Some methods to protect WordPress tech blog. Hope you follow these tips to protect WordPress tech blog. If you have any another method please feel free to comment in the below section.


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