Top 10 iphone facts you didn’t know

Top 10 iPhone facts you didn’t know

One of the world’s greatest brand apple. In every release iPhone best features are seen. People choose the most popular phone in the world. Finally, If you are one of the iPhone users here are the top 10 iPhone facts you didn’t know! to backup iphone 7,6,5,4

Generally, Backing up iPhone is a big task. we have different methods or types like iPhone backup unlocker, iPhone backup extractor, iPhone backup viewer, iPhone backup location and etc.

The reason is we have to follow instructed steps very clearly. The basic rule of backup is first we have to copy the information at on our device, later on, we have to start backing up.

Methods for iPhone backup

Firstly, we have to choose the method for iPhone backup process later on we proceed. Methods for iPhone backup process is in two ways I.e Itunes backup and icloud backup.

 iPhone icloud backup process

 A) Let’s connect a device to wifi-network. Now Go to settings menu [your name], and tap iCloud. I suppose you are using 10.2 version or earlier tap menu scroll down and tap on a cloud. 

B) Now let’s tap oniCloudoption to make start back up. If your using 10.2 version or earlier one makes sure back up option is turned to begin iphone backup preparing to copy items.

C) Now tap on backup and be connected to the wife network for a long. When it completes it shows a message displaying process completed  This method Help for data transferring is to easy.

icloud backup

Follow the same instructions for automatic iPhone icloud backup process.

connect your iPhone device to the wifi network. go to the settings and tap on the backup option. if your using 10.2 or earlier versions make sure options are visible as “Backup”

Now connect your device to a power source and connect to the wifi network.

make sure your device screen is locked. check enough space of the device before getting into the backup. while singing up the cloud provides 5gb space. if you want additional space you have to buy from the apple store.

Sometimes automatic backup icloud, not working complaints are raised because of the options is nor turned on make sure the option is turned on.

With iTunes backup

iPhone automatic backup iTunes is the second method. The process is very simple just follow the given instructions and implement on your device to backup of iPhone. so here is the process of iTunes.

Now open iTunes on your device and connect your iPhone to your PC. itunes backup location can be found in different location in your device.

iPhone device gives you instruction simply follow them for further steps. finally, it takes you to the login setup, in case you forgot the password to through apple  Get help

Select the device when it appears on iTunes, in case if you’re device doesn’t show in iTunes then learn how to do

Now move to further step select the option called “Encrypt”  backup and create a strong password. If you don’t need to save any information just click on backup.let’s  move to next question in questions about iPhone.


After all, done, you can see the backup finished successfully on screen in iTunes. 


2.How wireless charging works for iPhone

As part of this article questions about iPhone is the next one how iPhone wireless charging works?

what is wireless charging?

in the word itself, it says wireless. So the concept of wireless charging is transferring power to the device without the help of wire. the charger consists power transmitting pad and a receiver which helps charge the device without cable. sometimes a case attached to the device through the case we can charge the device.

How Does It Work?

Basically, wireless charging iPhone it depends on inductive charger components where it creates an electron current passing a through two coils to create an electromagnetic field.

on another side receiving magnetic loop power from the device to contact with a transmitter within the specified range, as a result, magnetic filed generates electrical current into the device later on converted in direct current to charge the device.

List of Apple iPhones supports wireless charger

1)Apple iPhone 5s

2)Apple iPhone 6

3)Apple iPhone 6 Plus

4)Apple iPhone 6s

5)Apple iPhone 6s Plus

6)Apple iPhone 7

7)Apple iPhone 7 Plus

wireless charging iPhones

  • wireless charger for iPhone 8
  • wireless charger for iPhone 7


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3.what iPhone has the largest screen

From starting iPhone model to latest version iPhone screen size resolution have different screens. they also made some changes to the version according to their year of release. every iPhone model comes out with the advanced feature.

coming to the iPhone device sizes apple have made changes to them. the apple basic model that is 4 model started with 3.5inch display and the latest one is up to 5.8inches.

apple iPhone features compared to android and also their models. for every time they release iPhone device with different dimensions. here are iPhone screen size inches

compare iPhone 4 5 6


iPhone 4iPhone 5
Display Size3.5 in4 in
Screen Size320 x 480 points320 x 568 points
Rendered Pixels640 x 960 (@2x)640 x 1136 (@2x)
Physical Pixels640 x 960640 x 1136
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)326326
Browser Size Portrait320 x 372 px
(320 x 440* / 320 x 460**)
Browser Size Landscape480 x 212 px
(480 x 280* / 480 x 300**)
568 x 212 px
(568 x 280* / 568 x 300**)


Latest iPhone screen sizes


iPhone 6/7/8iPhone 6/7/8 PlusiPhone X
Display Size4.7 in5.5 in5.8 in
Screen Size375 x 667 points414 x 736 points375 x 812 points
Rendered Pixels750 x 1334 (@2x)1242 x 2208 (@3x)1125 x 2436 (@3x)
Physical Pixels750 x 13341080 x 1920946 x 2048
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)326401458
Browser Size Portrait375 x 559 px
(375 x 627* / 375 x 647**)
414 x 628 px
(414 x 696* / 414 x 716**)
375 x 633 px
Browser Size Landscape667 x 267 px
(667 x 335* / 667 x 355**)
736 x 306 px
(736 x 374* / 736 x 394**)
812 x 280 px


3.when iPhone won’t charge

In this article questions about iPhone, the next question is when iphone wont charge or turn on? well, it depends on few points.

they are the

  • issue in wall adapter or power source
  • the cable of an adapter
  • charging port of a device
  • or phone’s software.

Most of the iPhone users think that if iphone wont charge when plugged in there is the issue in the battery. Right? sometimes I also think that if my iphone wont charge is it the battery problem but here is the actual reason.

while plug in cable connectors to your device it’s not directly connected to the battery, it will go to the software device later on software decides that it should be charged or not.

my serious suggestion does not blame battery for when iPhone won’t charge. Check all the matrics which are given above then you take a forward step.


 fix the iPhone that won’t  charge


A.Clean the junk bottom of your device

Firstly make sure that the bottom your device is clear without any junk or dust. Because while cable plugged in there it won’t charge if there is junk struck there. it stops cable for solid connection so that device won’t charge.

In a cable there are a lot of connectors are connected to the device if anyone of them not connected device don not charge. so clean iPhone charging port very gently.

If you find any junk in the bottom of the device just clean it with anti-static brush available on Amazon.

questions about iPhone


 B. connect different iPhone charger

there is a chance of fault in a charger so that we can’t blame our iPhone if it won’t charge.  even if checked several times but it shows the same result then try with the different charger.

Make sure iPhone charger is working, before testing on your iPhone. check the cable and pin of the charger. if pins are not in same order it doesn’t fit for a port of iPhone.

questions about iPhone

Buy Best iPhone charger

Buy iPhone quality Cable

C. Try hard reset once

Yes!! if the above things won’t work at all. try hard reset once. very time Apple says that if face any problem with device try quick actions in case if they won’t work hard reset is the good option and last option haha kidding!!

questions about iPhone

I think it makes a better result after tried a lot. because hard reset makes very thing under control so that it works. In case you see iPhone 6 won’t charge or turn on then scroll down next step.

Start your iPhone in DFU mode and restore.

if every your iPhone says its charging but its not in action. you have taken it seriously that iPhone trouble. Before starting anything else make sure that data stored or backup on any your devices. DFU restore mode erase all your data and makes iPhone into factory settings. questions about iPhone

Even if you won’t see the result better to consider Apple store and repair your iPhone.let’s  move to next question in questions about iPhone.

4.which iPhone takes the best pictures

iPhone is one the best phone for taking pictures. For best quality pictures and videos, people choose iPhones for best phone. So in this article questions about iPhone let’s see the best Camera and Picture Quality of iPhone.

iPhone 4s camera features

Rear camera8-megapixel
Rear FlashLED
Front camera0.3-megapixel

iPhone 4s camera photos

questions about iPhone


iPhone 5s camera features

Rear camera8-megapixel
Rear FlashDual LED
Front camera1.2-megapixel

iPhone 5s camera pictures

questions about iPhone


Buy Iphone 5s

iPhone 6s camera features

Rear camera12-megapixel
Rear FlashYes
Front camera5-megapixel


iPhone 6s camera pictures

questions about iPhone


Buy iphone 6s 


 iPhone 7 Plus camera features

Rear camera12-megapixel
Rear FlashDual LED
Front camera7-megapixel

iPhone 7 Plus camera images

questions about iPhone


Buy iphone 7



 iPhone 8 camera features

Rear camera12-megapixel
Rear FlashDual LED
Front camera7-megapixel


iPhone 8 camera Photos

questions about iPhone

Buy iphone 8 plus


here are all iphone models with examples now you can compare the image quality and features of respective models.let’s  move to next question in questions about iPhone.

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5.Iphone who is Siri

Who is Siri?

Siri is Voice assistance used apple products like iPhones, Ipads, Mac etc. basically used to command Iphone to do things instead of going through menus and all. With help of Siri user can operate Iphone easily. Phone calls, Text messages, menus and etc use easily through Siri.

What Siri can do

  • Finding locations and directions in Maps
  • Setting a timer
  • Checking the weather
  • Updating statuses on Facebook
  • Playing music
  • Sending Messages
  • Scheduling events

What can we ask for Siri

  • Post on Facebook and Twitter.
  • What is 20 degrees centigrade in Fahrenheit?
  • How many calories in a Big Mac?
  • Flip a coin (also try Yes or No? and Roll a die).
  • Take a picture.
  • Open an app.
  • What is the square root of 81?

How can we use Siri on iphone 

Steps for using Siri on your Iphone
  • Hold the home button
  • Hold control button on your earphone
  • And say, Hello Siri
  • After that iphone blur once you said hello then u’ll hear ba-ding’ noise what can I help you with?’ shows on your screen
  • You can see white line on your screen then command the on iphone
  • Finally, Siri gets back to you with the answer!!

So here about Iphone Siri, there are more iphone Siri tricks, iphone Siri funny,iphone Siri commands.


6.can phone be hacked?

Suprised!! yes, it is possible if you Jailbreak Your iPhone. While any new update on your iPhone make sure it is not harming your Iphone. Before making update or changes to your phone choose genuine apps or concepts.

Think while jailbreaking!jailbreaking of iphone it means programme piece of software to bypass the phone’s software and default settings. will delete some files which apple don’t want to delete. But deleting programmes there is a chance of hacking.

Sometimes we download apps from outside which are not related apple store. this is the reason why iPhones may be hacked. So don’t download apps from the outside of the article. let’s  move to next question in questions about iPhone. iPhone emojis look on Android

In article questions about iPhone one of the important question is how to see iphone emoji on android. let’s find out the solution.

It is not so easy to get iphone emoji in android because we have to root the device. Yes!! before installing emojis we have to root android device then download an app called magisk. after download please follow the steps below to get Iphone emojis on the rooted android device.

Download Magisk zip file

iphone to android emoji translator

  • Download Magisk from above link and download questions about iPhone
  • And install on your rooted android device. Now open magisk go to Modules section tap on floating button from bottom of the app. Next, select the emoji zip file which you have downloaded wait until it prompted to reboot. then reboot it that’s it you have done!

questions about iPhone

questions about iPhone

 questions about iPhone

  • Here is your favorite emoji’s on your Android device. If you want your old emoji’s back you can get it them back.


questions about iPhone



8.are iPhone 7 and 8 cases the same

  • It depends. iPhone 8 is 0.2mm thicker than iphone 7. This 0.2mm makes difference. The case for iphone 7 will not grab the edge of the iphone 8 so your iphone 8 surface will be higher than the case edge, meaning no protection.
  • I’ve bought an iPhone 7 case which claims compatible but it is actually not. Some people on have the same feedback. Really think Apple should make them identical but I guess there is the technical challenge of doing it.

here are the dimensions of both iPhones

  • iPhone 7: 138.3 mm X 67.1 mm X 7.1 mm and weighs 138 grams
  • iPhone 8: 138.4 mm X 67.3 mm X 7.3 mm and weighs 148 grams
  •  7 Plus: 158.2 mm X 77.9 mm X 7.3 mm and weighs 188 grams
  •  8 Plus: 158.4 mm X 78.1 mm X 7.5 mm and weighs 202 grams

questions about iPhone



 9.why iPhone has less ram

Every time we compare ram with other phones. because ram is important for speed of the phone. But for iPhone, there is no such high ram compare to the android phones. RAM is one of the major features of mobile. for operating a mobile or run an app on mobile we need the good speed of RAM. sometimes we do multitasking we need more speed.

But in iPhone we won’t care about the RAM speed. Although Iphone won’t offer high-end is the RAM’s given to the iPhone models according to the iPhone.

2016iPhone 7: 2GB
iPhone 7 Plus: 3GB
S7 & S7 Edge: 4GBG5: 4GB
V20: 4GB
Pixel & Pixel XL: 4GB
2015iPhone 6S: 2GB
iPhone 6S Plus: 2GB
S6 & S6 Edge: 3GB
S6 Edge+: 4GB
G4: 3GB
V10: 4GB
Nexus 5X: 2GB
Nexus 6P: 3GB
2014iPhone 6: 1GB
iPhone 6 Plus: 1GB
S5: 2GBG3: 2GB (16 GB model)
G3: 3GB (32 GB model)
Nexus 6: 3GB
2013iPhone 5S: 1GBS4: 2GBG2: 2GBNexus 5: 2GB


There is no such big reason. Compare with android IOS is more powerful in terms of usage of memory. Android takes more size and memory so that it needs more Speed. But iPhone facts doesn’t take that much space so it doesn’t require a more RAM.let’s move to next question in questions about iPhone facts.


10.why iPhone 9 is skipped

Biggest question in 2017 why they skipped the iphone 9 and released the next model Iphone 10 and Iphone X there are some rumours like this  “it is the 10th anniversary iPhone (X is the Roman numeral for 10), it needs to remain competitive (in a world of S8’s and U11’s, Apple couldn’t be outdone), and it takes it one step further in the future of naming of Apple devices”.

we can’t decide the actual truth until apple & Co responds. let’s wait for the perfect reason why apple 9 is skipped.

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We hope you enjoyed the article top 10 iphone facts you didn’t know for more articles please follow and share with your friends.



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