Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram Brings You To Share Beautiful Photos

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While in the beginning of the photo filter apps there no such a good application to edit and share images. Later on, software started out developing and built many capabilities. Instagram is one of the beautiful  Photo sharing application in recent times. even Instagram also started with basic features later on it was developed with pretty good filters. Although now it’s a decent photo editor and social network. We can edit our photos and share in the social networks instantly. Instagram has good editing tools which can bring you a beautiful photo. So in this article, I am going to share “Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram”

Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram

Compare with original

The majority of people make mistakes here while editing the photo they simply apply the filter making some adjustments in contrast and brightness or anything else. By making changes in them obviously, the image looks brighter than the original one but not beautiful. There is a big difference between them. However, While editing the image you should follow that the original have to maintain beside of edit and make evaluating with the actual image.

Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram

As a result, you can have better image after editing.


Share Multiple Photos on a single post.

The new feature of an Instagram makes you share multiple images at on time in a single post. Before there is no such an option available in the Instagram. Now you can select up to ten photos and share into your social network. if you want you can edit them by adding a filter to them. When you post the photos the first photo the album is visible to your friends they can swipe to see remaining photos.


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Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram


3.Remove Unwanted Drafts

Instagram give you option save image as a Draft. You can edit whenever you want to edit the image.

If you want to delete Draft tap on manage then go to edit select the images how many you want to delete. again tap on discard they considered to the dumpster. Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram



4.Send Direct Message to your Friend

You can send messages to your friends without the help of third-party messenger apps in Instagram. sharing photos and messages in Instagram it brings the app to stand top in the industry. Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram


5.Arrange your Filters

There are plenty filters available in the Instagram. In that, some filters are awesome and remaining are not impressive. So you can arrange them according to your need. If you like one particular filter then you can arrange it top of the list. To arrange the filters just go to Manage filter option shuffle them.Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram


Fianl word

That’s It the Top 5 Hidden Features Of Instagram you can have these features to edit and share the photos on the social network. Apart from these features,  If have noticed any others cool features in Instagram just comment in the section given below.


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