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Have you got a question ” Why C drive is default in windows? Do know why? if not, Here is the article for you!! The computers invented to make  “Work Easy”. I think there is in the world without computer right!! Although Windows is top rated os operating system in the world.

Why C drive is default

Here is Share of an operating system worldwide use

Operating SystemTotal Market Share
Windows XP8.45%
Windows 8.16.87%
Mac OS X 10.122.91%


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Why c drive is default??

Why C drive is default


The reason is simple, begin with floppy discs. Initial stages of computer floppy discs used to reboot the computers, The floppy discs are the very small size it’s about 5 1/4 ” and 3 1/2″. Later on, developed to hard drives. When Floppy discs are using named as (A) and (B), after the invention of hard drives, floppy discs have vanished.

hard drive started developing, the default drive C label as (D) (E) USB drive named as F and continues…. We can also use manual drive alphabet but the only issue is no two same alphabets in the hard disc.




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